The Future of Web Development: Trends for 2022 and Beyond

The Intel team continually works with developers to ensure both the necessary software and hardware are in place for creating powerful PWAs. An example of their progress is WebGPU⁠, which is 3.7X faster than WebGL, as well as the Compute Pressure API⁠ that monitors use of a client device. With mobile use becoming increasingly popular, Flipkart recognized the need to create a PWA version of their Flipkart Ads desktop app. Network resiliency was a top priority, which they achieved through an altered version of the stale-while-revalidate⁠ strategy that used cached data.

  • Looking at the current pace of web development, Voice search optimization will be more optimized in the near future.
  • For instance, all smart home devices or office assistants or Siris and Alexas are all based on voice control and listening to commands.
  • Search engines index PWAs, making them easily discoverable by your customers.
  • So, let’s outline at least the top 9 of the current trends in website development of the year 2022 and briefly cover them in no particular order.
  • Visual designing makes it easy for users to browse the web app in dark themed mode, regardless of device.
  • Incremental rewrites are a hot topic in the world of software as a service startups.

Google Earth is one of the projects created with the use of WebAssambly. But the developers’ ambition was to make this product available for as many users as possible, that’s why the project was later moved to WebAssambly. The content in SPA blocks updates only partially when the user scrolls the page which results in a quicker page load.

API-first development

Since PWAs run in a browser, they do not have direct access to all of the capabilities of a platform that a native app built using a platform’s SDK, would have access to. Some platforms also have restricted support for these apps, though support and capabilities are constantly evolving. Introduced by Google in 2015, Progressive Web applications are web application that runs on a browser without the need to be installed. They can be explored from small screens of phones to desktop screens, as they have icon settings right as per your screen size.

In addition, motion UI allows users to set many options to make animations behave precisely the way they want. Coca-Cola serverless architectureServerless technology is gradually changing the entire workflow and view of development. Serverless architecture allows you to quickly create and immediately test new features and add new functions to existing monoliths. In contrast to traditional web applications, SPA loads full page quicker, and a 1-second load time improvement increases conversions by 2%. The main benefit of PWA is its prevailing platform-independent nature.

Voice search

Both technologies are similar and can be defined as a visual method of creating an app. With NC/LC there’s no need to write code from the ground up, the devs assemble the final product with pre-built blocks of code. Templates constructed with low-code blocks can be applied to both apps and workflows.

PWA 2022 Trends

This feature is attained through such functions as service worker caching, request processing, and more. Consequently, user experience improves, and conversion rates elevate. This is mainly thanks to Android’s open-source approach which gives developers the freedom and flexibility to write and distribute apps however they wish. Android also provides PWAs with access to some native platform functionality such as push notifications, enabling developers to provide a more seamless native experience within their apps. There has been a constant search for technologies that reduce system costs, data loss, and development costs. The Serverless architecture runs on cloud technology, allowing users to run code for virtually any type of back-end application or service without any administration.

Progressive Web Apps and their Main Benefits

The dark fashion trend has become extremely popular all over the world and we expect it to continue to grow. Visual design patterns make it easy for users to browse the web on dark-themed websites, regardless of device. The concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages is to speed up page functionality and build user loyalty.

PWA 2022 Trends

The companies from these fields can outsource some of the common and basic questions to bots to streamline the in-house processes and reduce the workload of the staff. Babylon health is a healthcare service that uses this advanced web progressive web apps technology to consult its patients. Whenever patients feel unwell, they can write about their symptoms to the chatbot, and it gives them recommendations or offers to make an appointment with the doctor if there is a need for that.

The Focus on Mobile Devices

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in demand for cloud solutions. Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources like servers, storage, databases, networking, etc. Manifest files continue to be in a healthy state, with a slight increase over last year to a 95% on desktop. The correctness of these files is superb, but their completeness still leaves much to be desired. Currently, only around 0.8% of all websites qualify as installable. Many advanced capabilities like shortcuts and share_target are beginning to gain traction, appearing in around 5% of PWAs.

To get help from an IT advisor with proven expertise and tech background, do not hesitate to apply to us. We will assist you in building and maintaining the web solution based on the latest trends in web development. 5G, one of the latest web development technologies, can deliver faster speeds, reduced latency to allow users to obtain more engaging site content. The mobile response will no longer be an issue, so your potential clients will be able to access your website and browse the numerous products presented on it. Drag-and-drop logic is used by end-users to handle no-code basic design.

PWA insights from Lighthouse

PWAs most likely will be cheaper in terms of development and future support, as you might need a smaller team without any specific or unique skills. The downside to PWAs is that they are limited by browser capabilities and may have poor support of some core features required for your app. By 2022, approximately70% of websiteswill adopt this technology that will help users get the information they need in just a few messages. AI is also heavily based onML and therefore can incorporate user requests, data, and feedback into its future correspondences. For this reason, the predictedAI annual growth rate between 2020 and 2027 is 33.2%. Chatbotsinteract with site visitors, answer their questions to help navigate the page, listed services, pricing, and more.